UX and development life cycle of an app

So where does UX stand in app development life cycle? It’s a very broad question and needs a lot of time to be explored but lets talk about where UX fits into app development life cycle here. To put it down in simple terms, an app’s life cycle includes Planing, Analysis, Design, Development, and Maintenance.  So development life cycle begins with planning where UX helps you provide solution for user’s problems which are objectives of any given app. UX will help you to better understand user requirements based on their motivation to use the app. The second part is analysis where UX help you to prioritize the app’s features based on what user actually wants not what a requirement analysis engineer discovered by talking to people and reading documents in a cubical! If you don’t include UX in your development life cycle, chances are you’ll develop something that checks out every tick box on paper but actually nobody likes to use. During the development phase, prototyping and iterating design based on user feedback is the main contribution of UX. It’s not that expensive to measure accuracy of your ideas in the phase as most of development happens here. In maintenance, phase analyzing user feedback will help you stay in touch with your user base community and finally UX helps you to maintain a great user experience.

Ramin Ahmadi
I am a full-stack front end developer with over 5 years experience in web design and development. I have worked with a wide variety of environments and languages including Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS, Restful API, Microservices, Atomic design, JQuery, Material design, Progressive Web Apps, DevOps, and many Azure tools. I make it a goal to automate myself out of routine tasks in my daily work. My motto is, ‘write human readable code, lean and clean’.

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UX and development life cycle of an app

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