May 20, 2023

Spartacus 4 is drastically different from its older versions. If you are looking to migrate to Spartacus 4 from a previous version, you first need to understand those changes before taking the leap. It is also important to know about new features introduced in Version 4 if you are starting Spartacus development from it. 

As a Spartacus developer, I have made applications in older versions of Spartacus and there have been times when I had to update methods or services that I developed to the new application. Quite often, moving code to the new application is not enough and I had to study Spartacus’ documentation to successfully move my extended or customised services into the new application. 

Therefore, I decided to write this blog post to help other developers to learn more about the changes. In this article, I will explain major changes introduced up to Version 4.3 and also discuss newly introduced features so that you can decide if migration to Version 4 is suitable for your project. 

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