Why should you use Webpack?

As web applications grow more sophisticated, making your web app perform better becomes of the utmost importance. while in the past writing simple JavaScript or complex jQuery would suffice, nowadays building a web application requires a much more discipline and formal software development knowledge and practice. Issues like unit tests to ensure modifications to your code don’t break existing functionality in UI would have been neglected or code quality assessment would be taken place after development of a piece but nowadays production builds that differ from development builds or Linting via command runners have improved quality and performance of new web applications.  However, growing web apps makes some of its own unique development challenges such as constant call of asynchronous requests which would significantly degrade a web app’s performance as I witnessed recently on a project I’m working on. Using new bundling technologies, this issue can be addressed so the web app only requesting a single bundled JS and CSS file rather than many individual ones. I personally like Webpack as a module bundler that is capable of transforming, packaging and bundling JS codes for a web app. I’m going to put a series of Webpack configurations and setup instructions which you might find interesting, in my brand new blog. Feel free to ask me questions about this topic in the comment section.

Ramin Ahmadi
I am a full-stack front end developer with over 5 years experience in web design and development. I have worked with a wide variety of environments and languages including Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS, Restful API, Microservices, Atomic design, JQuery, Material design, Progressive Web Apps, DevOps, and many Azure tools. I make it a goal to automate myself out of routine tasks in my daily work. My motto is, ‘write human readable code, lean and clean’.

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Why should you use Webpack?

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