Pagination best practices

Pagination best practices:

  1. Clear an visible elements that shows where users are, where they have been and where they could go next. In terms of data presentation, the UI should be intuitive enough to make sure navigation between data pages is clear.
  2. Simple solution is always better than complex but beautiful presentation. Looking into the example below, it’s not clear where pagination ends.
  3. The simpler a design gets, the harder it is for designers to introduce cool and creative elements. Pagination is not exempt to this rule, hence there are whole variety of design patterns around it but that doesn’t necessarily mean a good looking standalone pagination would work well with any given system.
Ramin Ahmadi
I am a full-stack front end developer with over 5 years experience in web design and development. I have worked with a wide variety of environments and languages including Angular, TypeScript, NodeJS, Restful API, Microservices, Atomic design, JQuery, Material design, Progressive Web Apps, DevOps, and many Azure tools. I make it a goal to automate myself out of routine tasks in my daily work. My motto is, ‘write human readable code, lean and clean’.

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Pagination best practices

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